IT Department

The computer center and communications area of Querétaro Unit offers mainly the following services:

  • High availability servers.
  • High availability LAN network. Information and availability is monitored on a daily basis.
  • Member of the National Broadband Impulse Network (for its Spanish acronym NIBA). Started the operation in Cinvestav Querétaro in 2014, being the main service in the Teachings building and wireless network of building B, with a 100 mb speed.
  • Personalized attention in the computer services through the S3 system, which every service is being followed through internet. This system begun operations in January, 2013.
  • Web system for requests for laboratory service. We have a web based system and developed in Cinvestav Querétaro in order to meet the needs of students, mainly to follow their research work. This system implemented in May, 2013 with the support of Dr. José Martín Yáñez, who supported this initiative.
  • Free Mobile Prodigy service, as a result of an agreement with one of the most important México communication companies which provides free wireless service.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) service, which is directly connected to central offices.
  • Commercial broadband internet service; we have high speed internet service through fiber optics.
    Internet II
  • The latest security Firewall
  • Color and White and Black photocopying equipment with print via LAN network. We have enough photocopying equipment dispersed in strategic areas.
  • IP telephone service. We have telephony service based on IP technology, with high communication availability.
  • Videoconference equipment. Several meetings, classes, and events that make easier and more efficient the research work, inside and outside the Cinvestav community, have been made.
  • Computer room with Internet access.
  • Institutional software for administrative and research work.
  • Agreement with telephone companies.
  • Cinvestav-Querétaro has computer equipment dispersed  in different laboratories, research booths, and administrative areas, most of the Unit´s computer equipment have access to the Cinvestav network, NIBA,  and internet through a  fiber optic link and microwave, respectively.  Some equipment have redundant sources; DVD and CD burners; video accelerator cards; LED monitors; Scanners; Optical readers, etc. We have institutional licenses of: Microsoft Office and Windows software, LabVIEW, Mathematica, Antivirus, among others of specialized use.
  • The computer center and communications area has the goal of offering innovative services and making sure they are a tool for the generation of research in Materials


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