Multifunctional materials, Research Areas
Processing and characterization of bioceramics for biomedical applications and microencapsulation. For controlled release of drugs. Thermic projection of multifunctional materials. Structural, microstructural, and mechanical characterization of different materials. Manufacturing and characterization of multifunctional materials. It is for different applications using physical and chemical techniques and the setting of physical and mathematical models to carry out the moderation of processes and behavior.
•    Processing and characterization of Multifunctional Ceramics. Ceramics and coatings for high temperature (solid solutions, pyrochlores, garnets), ferroelectric ceramics with perovskite structure. Mechanical properties of materials by contact mechanics at nanometric scale. Thermal spraying of multifunctional materials.
•    Biotechnological materials. Anticorrosive and decorative ceramic coatings. Amorphous, polycrystalline and monocrystalline semiconductor thin coatings with application in solar cells. Optical memories. Sensors, etc. Nanostructured materials
•    Analysis and modeling of material processing operations, processing of light alloys (aluminum), thermal spraying, liquid steel processing. Process Analysis Development of Physical and Mathematical Models for the Analysis of Materials Processing Operations. Development of Techno-Economic Models
•    Processing and characterization of bioceramics; Microencapsulation of medications; Coatings manufacturing using thermal spray technologies

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