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In its development, Cinvestav-Querétaro integrated a full experimental infrastructure for processing and characterization of materials being studied in the different institution research areas. Among which is the processing of coatings, functional materials, materials for alternative energies, bioorganic materials, as well as composite materials among others. The students of the postgraduate courses of Master's and Doctorate in Sciences Specialty in Materials of Cinvestav-Qro., carry out their thesis work with the support of this experimental infrastructure, which at the same time is available for requested services by companies and institutions of higher education and research centers.

This infrastructure is distributed in twenty-five laboratories located in two research buildings (A and B). Several laboratories count with highly specialized equipment with unique features in the country for frontier experimental research. Thereby, we can mention the equipment of photoelectrones spectroscopy emitted by X-rays (XPS) which has been modified to be able to solve chemical composition according to the depth from the surface of the sample. We can count with the laboratory of thermic transport properties with a wide range of experimental assemblies for the determination of thermal diffusivity in various types of materials (metallic solids and insulators, as well as liquid samples). This equipment is combined with the Laser Flash commercial system for the determination of thermal diffusivity of materials as a function of temperature (from room temperature to 1100ºC).

For the nanoscale material research we count with the laboratory of nanometric multifunctional properties where two nanoindenters and an atomic force microscope can be found. In this lab, methodologies for the mechanical characterization of nanoscale materials have been developed, including the nanoindentation test and scanning microscopy techniques of probes such as atomic force acoustic microscopy, piezoresponse force microscopy mode which includes the measurement of ferroelectric domains in ceramic materials, hysteresis curves, ferroelectric fatigue, surface potential maps in semiconductors, polymers and metals, nanotribological tests of hard coatings, and so on.

Currently, Cinvestav-Qro. has obtained has obtained through the CONACYT calls, two national laboratories projects; one already established (Research laboratories and Technological Development of Advanced Coatings LIDTRA) and one to be constituted (National Thermic Projection Laboratory). Within the LIDTRA teams, highlights a specialized team with unique characteristics in the country, which is an electronic field scanning microprobe for quantitative chemical analysis using WDS (FE-EPMA).

Traditionally, Cinvestav-Querétaro has developed research areas around the tortilla processing and other corn products, so there are laboratories with appropriate equipment for these investigations, among which an Agilent 1100 HPLC, Mettler Toledo 822 DSC, rheometer, among other specialized equipment can be found.

Another traditional research area in the coatings processing including a variety of materials such as semiconductors, ceramics, multifunctional ferroelectric ceramics, metal oxides, metal alloys, etc. We count with vacuum evaporation systems, thermic spraying, and several techniques of synthesis by chemical methods (sol-gel, chemical bath etc.). New research areas have been driven into the processing and characterization of bio-materials and biocompatible materials, biodegradable, for generation of alternative energy, as well as materials for flexible electronic devices, among others.

The Cinvestav-Querétaro infrastructure is evolving, allowing to extend the materials studies capabilities from a basic science point of view, as well as the service offer into public and private sector companies.

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